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ESMF - Tongafish Pathway March 2019 FINAL with RPF

esmf final doc

The Government of Tonga (GoT) is seeking funding from the World Bank for the Tonga: Pathway to Sustainable Oceans project (TongaFish Pathway) (World Bank P164941) to improve management of selected fisheries and aquaculture in the Recipient’s territory. The TongaFish Pathway program is structured with an implementation period of six years, which may be followed by a second project of six years depending on the success of this Project, government priorities, and the availability of financing. The two-phased program design is expected to provide sustained investment in Tonga’s fisheries sector needed to comprehensively support fisheries management policy and legislation, capacity building, strategic resource management and development efforts as well as inclusive stakeholder collaboration across the selected fisheries. Specifically, the Project supports priority activities of the Tonga Fisheries Sector Plan (TFSP). The TongaFish Pathway project is proposed to be financed through International Development Association (IDA) grant resources: USD 10 million in National IDA and Regional IDA.

ESMF - Tongafish Pathway March 2019 FINAL with RPF