Vuna Road, Sopu
Tongatapu, Tonga

Annual Royal Agricultural & Fisheries Show

Annual Agricultural show is one of the Government initiatives held every year to promote agricultural and fisheries sector produce by working together with farmers, fishermen, livestock farming and handicrafts, and community villages and towns. It is a public event showcasing agricultural crops and harvest, animals, fresh food produce, marine products from the ocean, equipment and displays associated with agriculture and animal husbandry.

Agriculture and Fishing sector remains an important part of the Tongan livelihood where a large majority of the living income for many households is from agricultural farming, livestock herding and fisheries. The Shows features competitions and field days for each category of the event in agricultural farming, livestock husbandry, housekeeping, and ocean fishing. To conduct the Royal Agricultural and Fisheries Show it must first be approved by His Majesty's Cabinet.