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Job Vacancies Available Now

The Ministry of Fisheries is responsible for the conservation, management, sustainable utilization and development of fisheries resources in the Kingdom and the fisheries waters in order to achieve economically, socially and environmentally sustainable fisheries that contributes to better living standards for all Tongans. The following Posts are now available.

 1. Principal Fisheries Officer/Principal Economist

The role of this post is to Manage, monitor and evaluate the development and implementation of economics and statistical elements of Fisheries Management and Development Plans for fisheries sub-sectors and provide Advise and report to CEO and Senior Management.

Analyze and monitor the growth and development of the fishing industry to determine its annual contribution to the overall economy and identify economic issues pertaining to the Ministry’s fishery management and development functions, and the overall fisheries sector.

Manage to interpret the statistical and economic data performance for fisheries sector to enable stakeholders to view annual trends of all fisheries sub-sectors OR commercial fisheries and to compare current performance with previous years.

Coordinates to conduct cost benefit analyses on current fisheries operation and feasibility studies of potential areas for fisheries development.

Manage to conduct market research, participate in trade negotiation to ensure availability of new markets for all marine products export from Tonga and prepare quarterly economics reports.

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2. Technical Officer Grade 2

The purpose of this role is to assist the administration of the Tonga National Observer Program (TNOP) through deploy fisheries observers on both foreign fishing vessels and local fishing vessels as required, pre- debrief and debrief observer data and conduct other duties to support the administration and implementation of the TNOP. This role also assists the monitoring of the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS).

Support all compliance and enforcement duties and ensure it’s all complying with Tonga Fisheries Act and Regulations

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3. Senior Fisheries Assistant

The purpose of this role is to execute the pearl activities and support hatchery & production manager in conducting researches on seed production, nursery monitoring activities, and base-line study for target species had commercial importance.

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