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Tongatapu, Tonga

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Job Vacancies Available Now

1. Fisheries Trainee

The purpose of this role is to support in collecting data with related information to assist in enhanced Scientific knowledge and advice on aquatic stock status of Offshore (Tuna and Deepwater Snapper) fisheries and provide advice to the Ministry on the ecological sustainability of Tonga’s tuna and snapper resources.

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2. Principal Accounting Officer

The purpose of this post is to head the Budget and Finance section of the Ministry of Fisheries which including to ensure effective and efficient operating of the Ministry of Fisheries approved Budget and to closely liaise with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) during the annual budget preparation and oversees the Ministry of Fisheries financial system to ensures is comply with procedures and Treasury Instructions.
To ensure a proper collection of revenue and provide efficient recovery procedures for revenue uncollected; to provide a regularly internal audit to the ministry and to advise the CEO and senior officers on all financial matters relevant to the Ministry and to leads in taking the responsibility for Divisional program (CSD) delivery when the Head of the CSD absences.

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