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Offshore Research & Development


pic2The goal of the consultation is the possibility of establishing RBM in Tonga as a means of managing limited marine resources. The aim is that RBM would lead to better economic outcomes by assigning private property rights over resources, with fishing controls that enhance the sustainability and value of those resources.
That is to say, our fisheries resources should be managed with the dual aims of long term sustainability and long term economic benefits – both for the industries that take the risks, as well as the nation as a whole.

pic3Foreign investment, transparency, pricing and changes aim to:
• Analyze and provide national dialogue to propose on a range of issues including foreign investment in fisheries and aquaculture.
• Develop a fisheries investment framework and investment policy, including a review of current investment incentives and guidelines on foreign investment.
• Prepare an aquaculture investment policy, with specific attention to foreign investment.