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“In A Well Stocked Farm , Still Stands a Teve”

Their Royal Majesties, King Tupou IV and Queen Nanasipau’u opened all the Royal Agriculture and Fisheries Shows for all the outer Islands including Tongatapu. 


His Majesty, King Tupou IV royal speech says “In a well stocked farm, still stands a teve” which was the Royal Agriculture and Fisheries Show theme for this year. His Majesty also mentioned that all our Islands are wealthy in food mostly our traditional foods, crops especially our marine resources from the ocean.

1st July 2017

Senator Hon. Ian MacDonald (Queensland Senator), Mr. Milton Dick (MP), Mr. Steve Georganas (MP), Senator John Willams (Senator for NSW) and his wife Ms Nacy Vapel and Mr Gerry McLnally, High Official delegates from Australia visited the Ministry of Fisheries Aquaculture center in Sopy and Fafa SMA (Special Management Areas) on Saturday 1st of July 2017.