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ESMF - Tonga: Pathway to Sustainable Oceans (TongaFish Pathway) Project World Bank: P164941


The Government of Tonga (GoT) is seeking funding from the World Bank for the Tonga: Pathway to Sustainable Oceans project (TongaFish Pathway) (World Bank P164941) to strengthen sustainable management and development of Tonga’s commercial, aquaculture and community fisheries.
The TongaFish Pathway project is structured as a multiphase program to strengthen the shared management of select commercial and coastal community fisheries in Tonga. The project is designed to support long term sector reforms to catalyze opportunities for jobs and growth in a transparent, inclusive and sustainable manner. The key driver for the project is the Tonga Fisheries Sector Plan (TFSP).
The TongaFish Pathway project is proposed to be financed through an International Development Association (IDA) grant and credit resources: USD 10 million in Regional IDA and USD 10 million in National IDA, with USD 5 million allocated from both the regional and national envelopes for each phase of the project.

ESMF Project