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21st Mar 2017


The Ministry of Fisheries organized a National Consultation on Aquatic Bio-security Planning in order to reduce possible risks related to aquatic environments. The meeting it was discussed and agreed that specific protocols are needed for quarantine of live aquatic animals, imports and exports of aquatic animals, as well as for aquatic disease screening, surveillance and reporting.

Dr. Tu'ikolongahau Halafihi CEO of Ministry of Fisheries says in his opening speech "In order to achieve a sustainable development, we need to be sure that our farmed species are healthy and free from relevant diseases, we need to protect our rich and pristine natural aquatic environment from invasive species, therefore Aquatic bio-security is the key to control possible biological risks in aquatic" 

This meeting was conducted by Ms Ruth Gomez from the SPC with assistance of Mr Poasi Ngaluafe and Ms. Tracy 'Aisea from Ministry of Fisheries.

Few officers from Ministry of Agriculture & Ministry of Environment and various representative from the aquarium trade private sector were attended at this Workshop.

The Ministry of Fisheries-Aquaculture Section will be in charge of drafting the plan and sharing it with colleagues from other Ministries and the Private Sector. It is planned to finalize the plan by the mid-2017, when it will be officially presented to the Ministry and Implementation strategies will be defined.


Issued by the: Ministry of Fisheries