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Fisheries eLicensing System In-House Workshop Training

24th - 25th Jan 2017


The management process of the Licensing Application in the Ministry of Fisheries is currently on manual basis. eLicensing System was introduced to assist the Licensing Section with a more efficient system and less cost to stakeholders and the staff. This online system will allow stakeholders to apply and submit online their applications from home or anywhere in the world without having to drive down to the office with their application.

The online system named "Fisheries eLicensing System" was developed by FFA assisted by the ICT and Licensing Staff of the Ministry. This is only Phase 1 - which is only the applications for Foreign Fishing Vessel, Domestic Vessels, Exporters and Processors. Phase 2 will be looking at the rest of the applications forms for other fisheries (i.e inshore fisheries and costal fisheries)

You can access to this eLicensing application in our Ministry of Fisheries website or, and under Application Forms there is a eLicensing as it shows in the images below. 




Licensing and ICT Section of the Ministry co-joined in conducting a 2 days In-house workshop training on the new system. The purpose of this training is to demonstrate of how to use this Online application and also to see the feedback especially from stakeholders that might help this system work efficiency in the future. Participants were from Foreign fishing Operators, Domestic Operators, Aquarium & Live Fish Operator and Fisheries Staff.